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Only complaint really was the quality of the interior plastics - rattles were common. ca reports, and offer VW’s 6-speed DSG automated manual. But an amazing spec mk5 came up local very cheap. David Zalstein and Tony Crawford tackle the question using one of the world&39;s best and most popular hot-hatches. Although VW&39;s DSG dual-clutch automated manual is a good, reasonably sporty automatic, it is still an automatic.

As for neutral, from what I&39;ve read it&39;s if you&39;re at a stoplight for over a minute (I say over 10 seconds) to switch to neutral. When we were running a DSG GTI mk5 gti dsg vs manual Clubsport earlier this year, I struggled to get anything over 35mpg on a run. We&39;d obtained an example with the six-speed DSG transmission to match the only gearbox available in the US version of the R32. Re: First MK5 GTi - DSG or Manual?

Manual gives you a kind of driver engagement and enjoyment that simply can&39;t be had with only 2 pedals. I wanted a manual and wasn’t at all interested in dsg. yeah meant the dsg not as good as the manual. Meeting on the traffic light golf gti mk5 VS mk6 gti. Volkswagens Mk5 (fifth generation) includes models such as the Golf, GTI, Jetta, GLI, CC, and Passat ( 2. No matter how you slice it, the DSG has been a revelation of performance, efficiency, and reliability. It’s totally a state of mind. The TCR is Volkswagen&39;s swan song for the current generation of GTi before the new Golf 8 arrives in 2.

6L/100km (versus the manual’s 6. - posted in MkV (Mk5) Golf, Golf Plus & Jetta: Evening all. But despite the very small drop in power, the ‘boggo’ GTI has no trouble nudging 40mpg. The DSG is also 11 kilograms heavier than its 1313kg manual counterpart and claims a higher average fuel consumption figure at 6.

0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder makes 197 hp and 207 lb-ft. Personally I&39;d have chosen a manual given the choice but as my car was 2-3 grand cheaper than even mk5 gti dsg vs manual the lowest priced rhd manual GTi I thought what the hell. It was of course dsg. There is probably little validity to my worries of course, but it&39;s just one of them things. 0 seconds for the manual. It was the first Volkswagen GTI to get an independent rear suspension, Driving. Reliability was fine, but then expected as it was new. I mk5 gti dsg vs manual have since driven a DSG and it&39;s OK but still as a second hand purchase I would be wary in the same way I am with SMG on BMW&39;s.

Manual, DSG was not available when we bought this as we took a Mk5 launch car, one of the first on the road too. got a DSG GTi and agree with &39;daza&39; that it&39;s a lazy man&39;s car. However it looks like among dealers in my area (Texas), the MTs are much more rare (except in Golf R) and almost invariably they cost 00 MORE than DSG, not less. 9TDI) These models were available in a 5-speed automatic, 6-speed DSG transmission, and 6-speed manual transmission. I averaged just over 30mpg whilst I had it on a mix of mways & town.

With it, our long-term GTI just feels like a slightly faster Golf with a. The DSG is very good in full automatic mode, but in manual mode, it will upshift on its own. And I fully get that, but I was really bored. He tells me that the DSG is a robust, reliable trans. DSG or Manual GTI?

I also agree that having a semi (or even fully) automated gearbox on a GTi is missing the point somewhat. The Volkswagen Polo Mk5 is the fifth generation mk5 gti dsg vs manual of the Volkswagen Polo supermini-class car, launched by Volkswagen in March. I assume this is related to supply and demand, as most people choose auto I think.

8 seconds on average, compared to 6. For all of the preaching and pontificating about why the manual transmission is the only real “enthusiast” choice for a GTI, the fact remains that when it comes down to numbers, the DSG is a better transmission. For all of the preaching and pontificating about why the manual transmission is the only real “enthusiast” choice for a GTI, the fact remains that when it comes down to numbers, the DSG is a better transmission. I bought a GTI with 6-speed manual and it, like the rest of the car, has proven to be absolutely bullet-proof reliable! I’ve only driven two DSG cars: Mk5 & 7 GTI - both were test drives I can see the appeal - heavy traffic, physical injuries, want to be faster. Milltek non-res, silver stubby aerial, OC stickers, R32 seat inserts, more to follow! BUYING A MK5 GOLF GTI: DSG or Manual? In respect to dsg vs manual.

It&39;s faster if you simply switch (or if you&39;re already in) manual, to down shift once or twice and go. For a car like the GTI, the manual is really a necessity to me. You wouldn&39;t keep a manual car in first gear for a long time at a stop, so you shouldn&39;t for a DSG car either. He does not know of any that have failed. Its a continual debate DSG vs 6spd, and all we really have to go off are some articles that say the DSG shifts faster than the 6spd, leading the thought to think the GTI is faster with the DSG than with the 6spd manual. Lower than a regular Golf, and with a quicker steering rack, the R32 also boasted bigger brakes and bigger wheels with 225/40 tires. Golf Gti Dsg Vs Manual - indycarz. So if you wait the right car will come along.

Which transmission is best, stick or paddles? On paper the DSG transmission in the GTI is a ,100 option above the manual. Similarly, it is about two-tenths of a second faster in the quarter-mile, averaging 14. I spend most of my commute in traffic on the m25 where an auto would be very nice, but. Buying myself a golf gti mk5 in the next few weeks to commute in and cant decide between a manual or a DSG. Bookmark File PDF Golf R32 Dsg Vs Manual Golf R32 Dsg Vs Manual A six-speed manual transmission was standard, but the R32 was also the first VW to be optioned with a DSG transmission. Difference DSG versus MANUAL.

VW GOLF GTI OR DSG INTRODUCTION : 1 Vw Golf Gti Or Dsg Free Reading Vw Golf Gti Or Dsg Uploaded By Anne Golon, Volkswagen Golf Gti Gearbox Comparison Manual V Dsg true the german car maker first introduced the direct shift gearbox dsg or dual clutch transmission dct into a series production road car in with the original volkswagen golf r32. I do local driving around town so think the auto would be a better choice for me but I hear the dsg will give problems, your comments will be appreciated. to compare them back to back. Stock GTI First up was the stock Mk5 GTI 2.

The DSG is great for what it is (definitely one of the bets autos around), but it is very clunky in low-speed/stop-and-go driving, and is just not engaging or fun to drive for me. ) if I get another VW next time I think I will go for the DSG Mk5 R32, DBP, Leather. 3 seconds over 14.

Most sources seem to say the DSG is without a doubt the one to go for and you’d be an eejit to go for the manual. Lovely car, the engine combined with the DSG box was a peach. com A six-speed manual is still the standard transmission, but new for is a seven-speed, dual- clutch automatic, which replaces the six-speed DCT from last year&39;s GTI. Nevertheless, it’s the best automatic I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know your budget but mine was 20k. Like you, I had a difficult time making up my mind on the two transmissions. Ive always owned manual cars and have currently got a Mk4 GTI and have just sold a manual E92 320d to make way for the Mk5, the Mk4 will also be going in the next couple of months. As VW teases the new Golf R.

5 for the manual transmission Mk7 GTI. See more videos for Mk5 Gti Dsg Vs Manual. I&39;ll give the DSG a.

The Mark 5 Polo, internally designated Typ 6R, is based on Volkswagen&39;s PQ25 platform, shared with the SEAT Ibiza and the Audi A1. Depending on the exact trim level, the DSG equipped Mk7 GTI is about two-tenths of a second faster to 60 miles per hour at 5. I was in the same boat a few years ago when buying a mk5 golf gti. Im currently looking to buy a Mk 5 GTI or potentially an ED30. Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR () Review We were lucky enough to secure a test drive in one of the most exclusive GTi&39;s to hit our shores.

« Reply 5 on: Ma, 06:38:43 PM » Owned my DSG for three and a half years and I love it, to the point my new car (next month) is a S-Tronic, these gear boxes are immense, as for tuning check out Hurdy & Jonny C&39;s build threads for how much torque they loaded on the box, its more capable than a lot. R32 DSG or Manual - posted in General Chat: Hi guys, im looking at getting a mk5 r32 and want to know which is better the dsg or the manual. The Mk 5, Autotrader reports, restored some of the GTI’s sporty nature lost by the more luxury-focused previous-gen. Read Book Gti Auto Vs Manual Volkswagen Golf GTi DSG | Evo In baarde bovendien de VW Golf GTI W12 650 veel opzien: deze auto werd tijdens het jaarlijkse Wörthersee-GTI-Treffen VW&39;. I’ve always loved the mk5 GTI and now that they’ve gotten so cheap, buying one is a no brainer for me, I just don’t know what gearbox to go for. 6 speed Mk5 Gti Here are some free official Volkswagen factory workshop manuals, and related technical information for the VW Golf and Jetta Mk5 (typ 1K, platform PQ3 Free Golf Mk5 official workshop. I have always only ever owned manual cars, my R32 is manual but after having a play with a DSG (Thanks Anakin! I had a Mk5 Golf GTi with DSG for 3 years & approx 60k.

Mk5 gti dsg vs manual

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