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No seals here but it may be sticky from corrosion. Yann L&39;hostis&39; summary (includes shutter sound sample) 2. Dental-Eye II - Operation Manual; Yashica E Series. Yashica Electro 35 Repair Manual GS GSN GTN Spiral-bound – Janu by Yashica (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. ArtemisWorks Photography has a nice section of photos taken with the Electro. ) Soak the battery cap in white vinegar for a few hours, then it easily wipes clean. DF-10S - Operation Manual; Yashica Dental-Eye Series. All of the manuals we offer now are free PDF downloads.

See full list on mattsclassiccameras. · The Electro 35 GX is a 35mm rangefinder camera produced by Yashica of Japan in 1975. Then get your point spanner out and remove the yashica electro 35 repair manual winder by turning the top counterc.

Electro 35 digital camera pdf manual download. On the other hand, it’s an inexpensive way to get yourself some truly wicked glass. The shutter defaults to 1/500 without a battery present. Yashica Electro 35 CC printed camera manual.

Our library contains more than six hundred factory service manuals, repair articles, and tutorials for repairing cameras and other types of photographic equipment. The first of the 35 mm cameras. 2 download limit for the file(s) purchased never expires. See full list on camerapedia. · I present you the Yashica Electro 35 GT in all of its problematic, half-broken glory. (Don’t use anything besides a nickel, I mean it! I searched for the manual then - there wasn&39;t one online. What was the first 35 mm camera?

This was my first rangefinder adventure and I definitely found it very interesting. Once the trim ring is off, it’s all cake. Types: Fashion, Home & Garden, Electronics, Motors, Collectibles & Arts Lionel&39;s Yashica Electro 35 GSN overview at 35mm-compact. Hope this section has helped you get the most out of one of the unsung heroes of Classic Camera History! 7, maybe the best ever to adorn a compact camera. Yashica Model Electro 35 GX System Rangefinder. Yashica TL Electro-X Service Manual.

Yashica Electro 35G Dismantle; Matt&39;s Cameras Inside the Yashica Electro 35; Images of the lens-barrel and the shutter of a Yashica Electro 35; Mike&39;s Schematics and Technical Service Notes; User Manuals, Service Manuals. View and Download Yashica ELECTRO 35 repair manual online. The top just lifts off. Matt Denton&39;s overview 6. It used an electronic relay rather than a mechanical galvanometer for measuring light. · The Electro 35 GTN is a 35mm rangefinder camera released from Yashica of Japan in 1973. The Yashica Electro is the Apollo of Japanese consumer 35mm cameras. Adam Brown&39;s Yashica Electro GSN revi.

First, remove the three silver crosspoint screws from the top — there are two on the sides and one on the back under the battery check button. I left it as a decoration until Yashica Guy gave me lots of information, including battery specification, and service manual. Factory exploded parts diagram.

. Super easy to get to, more so than on many of this style rangefinder, PROVIDED that there aren’t any significant dings in the filter ring. Yashica GX 35mm YASHICA ELECTRO GX RANGEFINDER CAMERA The Yashica Electro 35 GX of which you have just become a proud owner incorporates a fully automatic exposure system. Find Yashica Repair Manual Now! The Electro 35 GT was released in 1969 with a body painted black instead of the satin chrome finish.

Here’s what to do if you’ve got the corroded battery problem: to even get the battery cap off required pinching a nickel in a Vise-grips and cranking it open. Yashica Electro 35 Repair Guide. The Yashica Electro 35 (of which the GSN was the last, you can spot it by the hot shoe) was revolutionary for its time, being the first camera with fully electronic automatic exposure. (retirement age in Indonesia) and we decided to eat out to celebrate the occasion. The GSN has a Yashinon DX 45mm f/1. This tutorial is provided as a guide for brave tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers, and of course I assume no responsibility for any unfortunate side effects of following my instructions. When set to flash the shutter fires at 1/30.

If it’s really hard to get in. Over 70% New & Buy It Now. The front group,. Yashica reportedly sold over eight million Electro 35s over about 15 years. 7 45mm lens with a 55mm filter thread. It’s quite big and a bit heavy (750g without film and battery). Careful when buying one, though (see below).

I personally don’t think they’re nearly as well-made as the above-mentioned cameras (see below). Two indicator lights on the top plate of the Electro 35 indicate under- or over-exposure. My first couple (!

My story: I got a 35 FC last year, it turned out to be non-functional so I wanted the manual - perhaps I was doing something wrong. Yashica Electro 35 GSN Rangefinder Camera with Case and Manual Appears to be in outstanding condition, but I am selling it as-is because I have been unable to locate the special battery the camera requires. I saw this discussion and I tried to buy the manual. See my light seal replacement tutorial for how to replace the light seals. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. When putting the top back on, put the button in, orient the camera so that the lens is up and slide the top onto the camera to keep the button in place. Rangefinder Camera Best Buys Links page at Medium Format Home 4. 6 mercury battery the GSN wants.

This is the affordable side of the sought-after rangefinders from the 70s, not as popular or full-featured as the highly regarded Canon Canonet QL17 GIII or the Konica Auto S2 but it’s a great user camera with a very sharp, fast lens and outstanding autoexposure metering. I have three rangefinder cameras and the Yashica has the best overall focusing patch. When was electro 35 released? Parlez-vous francais? · The Electro 35 series began in 1966 and went through several iterations over the years. Make sure your download is delivered smoothly and hassle free. How many Yashica Electro 35s sold?

Materials needed: a well lighted area, I also recommend a tray to work in or at least a paper towel to work on, jeweler’s screwdrivers, spanners, cotton swabs, Windex. There yashica electro 35 repair manual are indicators in the viewfinder, too. An essay extolling the virtues of the underrated and long-lived Yashica Electro series 5.

Sometimes an old battery will have corroded the wiring adjacent to the chamber. This Electro 35 is clean and working well. The ring the wires are attached to floats free, and is contacted by the wavy ring on the battery door. At the very least you’ll want to get in and clean the rangefinder glass.

If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual. Yashica Electro 35 Repair Manual: 65 of 129 64: When the shutter-release switch reaches the bottom of its stroke, it connects the. For more info on general repair and cleaning see my repair tips page. The Yashica Guy&39;s chronology 3.

Electro 35 - Instruction Booklet; Electro 35 - Repair Manual; Electro 35 GS - Operating Guide; Electro 35 GSN - Instruction Booklet; Electro 35 GTN - Instruction Booklet; Electro 35 GX. · ELECTRO 35 Film Camera pdf manual download. Problems with these old compact rangefinders are 1) the foam light seals have all disintegrated and need to be replaced, not too hard for the enterprising DIY-guy and 2) they often use batteries that are hard if not impossible to come by these days such as the 5. 1966 original Yashica Electro 351968 Yashica Electro 35 G1969 Yashica Electro 35 GT1970 Yashica Electro 35 GS1973 Yashica Electro 35 GTN, GSN and GL1975 Yashica Electro 35 GX1970 Yashica Electro 35 CC1973 Yashica Electro 35 FCLetters indicate:G gold contact points in electrical partsN hotshoeS (no battery test light, combined shutterdoor release and rewind crank)T black body. Yashica electro 35 instruction manual, Yashica Electro 35 gebrauchsanweisung, Yashica Electro 35 mode d&39;emploi, Yashica Electro 35 folleto de instrucciones, PDF manual. You may need to reglue missing plastic in the top such as the over/under lamp covers or the battery check lamp cover; the frame counter ma.

So off I went with some adjustment, and it now works like new. Riiiiight – the shutter. The Electro, G, GT, and GS models have a cold accessory shoe. Step one is to remove the trim ring, it’s often in tight and really requires a slotted spanner. None of the information provided here will be found in Yashica&39;s repair manual. I know this discussion is some years old, but the Yashica Electro 35 FC manual has finally arrived! Now you can clearly see the shutter. The damage may be beyond repair.

Yashica J-P JP Film Camera, Film Advance Lever, Viewfinder Eyepiece, Used Parts. ) of Yashica GSN cameras came to me with gummy light seals and corroded mercury batteries in the chambers. Here’s a nice little GSN page complete with embedded shutter sound 7. 5 cm Yashinon lens:. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in yashica days. . Yashica yashica electro 35 repair manual Electro 35 - Sample Images at www. If that ring is missing you won’t have a circuit, I’ll bet you can make it up yashica electro 35 repair manual with some tin fo.

Replacing light seals in a GSN 4. Luckily for us there’s the Yashica Guy wh. The Yashica 35 was Yashima&39;s first 35 mm camera and the second camera after its Yashica 8 movie camera to tread a different path to its bread and butter 6x6 TLR models which had so far been the source of the company&39;s growth and success.

com has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month. James Surprenant&39;s summary 5. The Yashica Electro 35 GSN is not a small camera. 100% guarantee on all orders. E-2 - Instructions for Use; Yashica Electro 35 Series. The lens was labelled a "Color Yashinon" to reassure the buying public that it was colour corrected at a time when the use of colour film was growing quickly. I will also consider other film camera and vintage lens work, just message me with the details. Yashica Electro 35 Service Repair Manual.

Here’s the manual (PDF) 6. You can loosen and remove corrosion by swabbing it with a cotton swab moistened with white vinegar. User manuals for various Yashica Electro 35s on Butkus. On the G and later models, the lens is branded as a Color Yashinon, although it was otherwise identical. Yashica TL ElectroThe next page contains information on this camera. The next page also contains information on how to donate to this site.

OK, right around the shutter blades you’ll see a scalloped ring, that’s actually a retaining ring for the rest of the lens barrel above the shutter. The lines are bright and the frame auto-adjusts for parallax, but the field itself is a bit dark, and if its cloudy or dirty it’s just not happening. Possible other materials, depending on what you’re doing: small gauge wire, solder & soldering iron, needle files, black felt or foam, vinegar. We dined at a restaurant called “Botanika” that served mainly.

Yashica electro 35 repair manual

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